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Telling your story might seem simple, but really it requires the right balance of research, story telling and design. Slack on any of these, and your message falls apart.


Great design begins with research. Define your goal, your audience, and what critical information they need to know in order to act. Next, tell your story and engage your audience to make them care about that information. The emotional connection or human component is a powerful compliment to analytical content. Last, design to enhance your content, not distract from it using quality graphics to simplify complex ideas and supercharge your message.

Resume available upon request.

"We've had a very positive experience working with Aimee for our graphics at Alif Semiconductor. She helped us create an entirely new look- twice now- and we have been pleased with the results both times. She has also done a great job with package design and knows all the ins and outs to get you to a successful end product. Overall, Aimee is responsive, efficient, creative, and produces clean work. She is also easy to work with and accommodating to our sometimes very short deadlines. I would recommend working with Aimee for any of your graphic design needs!"
—Alexandra Kazerounian
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